Month: May 2016

Believe it or not, the convenience of online shopping also extends to perishable goods like fruits and vegetables. That said, there are some special things you should consider before ordering your groceries online. The following are the most important things you should consider before buying fruits and vegetables online.

Things to consider


weqdfOnline stores often provide deals on their produce that you won’t find at local brick and mortar stores. And, it’s always easier to calculate prices and spot bargains from the comfort of your home. However, one shouldn’t automatically assume that shopping online is always cheaper than visiting your local grocer. Always be aware of what constitutes a good price for the fruits and vegetables you shop for. Being online not only gives you access to a much wider variety of groceries, but also a larger range of suppliers. This means more prices to compare in order to ensure you’re getting the best deals. With so many choices, the need to stay on top of price changes becomes more important.

Keeping track of seasonality is important. Fruits and vegetables which are in season will often be sold at a more reasonable price. Consider stocking up on seasonal produces whilst they’re low and planning ahead to know which fruits are vegetables will soon be in season.


The cost of delivery (or lack of) is often a major factor as to whether or not you save money by shopping online. Before buying, you should check delivery costs and compare it to the amount you’d spend traveling to the grocery. If you don’t have to drive (and hence don’t pay for gas), then the price of fruits and vegetables you can obtain from your local grocers may well be cheaper, when accounting for delivery costs. Some providers offer free delivery when you spend a certain amount on their groceries. Don’t be afraid of purchasing in bulk. Remember, spending more now to stock up on seasonal produce and avoid paying delivery costs can potentially provide you with greater savings in the long run.


wedsdWhen it comes to fruits and groceries, a unique advantage of purchasing online is being able to receive groceries straight from the farmers themselves. If you want to maximize the benefits of shopping online, consider buying from suppliers that deliver directly from local producers as opposed to larger supermarket chains for fresher fruits and vegetables. One other advantage when doing this is quicker delivery times, as smaller providers avoid the complicated distribution systems of larger supermarkets.

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