Month: October 2017

As part of the marketing and sales policies of beer companies, companies produce different types of beers and place them on the market. Beers will vary in taste, color, alcohol content, price, and packaging. Every beer taker should understand the characteristics of the beer that they want to buy either from a bar or retail stores.

Generally, beers should have low sugar, the composition in quantity. The best beers have zero sugar composition. The alcohol composition in beer should be of reasonable levels not to affect peoples health. The levels should not be very high, and at the same time, the alcohol levels should not be very low. As general characteristics, the beer should be made of barley and tested to the countries burial of standards. The beers should meet international quality standards.

Common types of beers

Ale beer

This is the most common beer. It is made from barley. It is brewed using warm fermentation method. This is the type of fermentation involves fermenting barley on temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees. In warm areas, the temperatures can go up to 24 degrees. This type of fermentation makes beers ready for consumption after three weeks of begging of fermentation.fgfdgdfgdfgfdgg

Beers from warm fermentation are less clear than others. It also produces higher levels of carbon dioxide during the process. Ale beer has a bittering agent to balance the sweetness of malt and act as preservatives. Ale is commonly bittered by herbs boiled in the wort before fermentation. Ale beer comes in different varieties. Brown ale is lightly hopped, dark brown and with a nutty taste. It has an alcohol content of between 3 and 3.5%. Pale ale beer is ale made from the dried malt with high contents of coke.

Lager beer

Lager beer is beers with fewer components of flavor and color. They are more carbonated than others. Thus, the high effervescent quality. Largely, originated from Austria and spread in many countries in the world. Larger beer is fermented using cool fermentation. This a slower method of fermentation. This is because heat speed up the rate of reactions of chemicals. This may sound great but has a lot of demerits.

Cooler temperatures in fermentation enhance a wine’s fruity characteristics. This takes a long time however compared to warm fermentation. Larger has a higher level of alcohol composition that lagers from 4 to 4.5%. Larger beer is not naturally bitter. There don’t require additional bittering agents.

Pilsner beer

Pilsner is a light hallmark refreshing beer family it is light in color and ideal for drinking on hot summer days. Originally pilsner was made in Austria. It was first made from the top-fermenting method. Later the bottom fermenting method becomes very common in the production of pilsners. Currently, id pilsner is refrigerated; it does not need caves for storage thus enabling the bottom fermenting beer in many parts of the world.

The common pilsner is very light in color. It varies from pale to golden yellow. It has a sweet aroma and flavor. The alcohol composition ranges from 4 to 4.5%. This is one of the beers that is sold internationally. If a company want to produce pilsner for export, it is clearly labeled and produced in stronger concentrations.

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